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PI Electronics AG has a compact range of own products which are used by customers worldwide. Our focus is on customer-specific developments.

SILANA - modular data acquisition system

SILANA is a universal software framework for data acquisition, processing, storage and controlling. It enables a seamless integration into Industry 4.0. Drivers can easily be loaded through a plug-in architecture. The open programming architecture allows the integration of a wide variety of bus systems and technologies. SILANA is ideal for new acquisitions or as a replacement for systems that are no longer supported.

IoT Devices

The pictured IoT Sensor was developed by PI Electronics AG for early detection of polygon formation in trams.

Customer requirements are often very specific in the IoT area. We are therefore happy to support you with our know-how in your project.

Single Channel Voltage Amplifier

The single-channel voltage preamplifier (SCVA) features a very high-impedance and low-noise differential input. Loss-free measurements up to 300kHz in conjunction with very high-impedance sources offer a wide range of applications. The amplification of 1, 10, 100 or 1000 as well as other settings can be adapted to the needs via the software supplied.

Für einen unverbindlichen Kostenvoranschlag oder Fragen zu Geräten stehen wir gerne zur Verfügung.

Versatile Trigger Unit

The Versatile Trigger Unit converts the output signals of sensors into a digital 5V- and 12V-signal. The integrated, automatic scaling speeds up the operation of the device and the integrated, digital signal processing makes even the processing of complex signals possible.

Modular Test Sequencer

MTS is a framework for automated sequential functional testing in manufacturing. The test modules can be developed by the user under LabVIEW and then imported as test steps.

Pressure measuring systems

For our partner company DMT Druckmesstechnik GmbH vertreiben wir Druckmesssysteme exklusiv für die Schweiz. Diese Drucksysteme sind in SILANA und auch in anderen von uns erstellten Erfassungssystemen integriert.

Erweiterungsmodul mit 32 Relais für C-Serie Module

Extension Modul with 32 Relais for C-Series Module

Das Erweiterungsmodul ermöglicht das Ansteuern von 32 unabhängigen Relais mit einem einzigen C-Serie Modul in einem cRIO- oder cDAQ-Chassis von NI.

ORION – Rotor Dynamics Vibration Measuring System

We supported our partner company Elstar Elektronik AG in the development of the multi-channel vibration measurement system ORION from prototype to series device.