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PI Electronics AG specializes in the development and system integration of high-end instrumentation for industrial plants and research setups. Our main concern is to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way so that they can consolidate and improve their position in the market.


Publications in the field of electronics development and IoT applications.

Project references

LafargeHolcim: Online optimization of ongoing control processes (High Level Control)

  • Software for optimizing production processes in cement factories
  • Framework structure to integrate and parameterize user-defined blocks (optimization strategies)
  • OPC connection to the field level
  • LabVIEW with Datalogging & Supervisory Control Module (DSC)
  • Installed on more than 450 plants worldwide to date

ABB: Monitoring of temperature gradients in 50kA 16/50/60Hz GIS systems

  • Measurement application with over 300 measurement channels
  • Automatic reporting
  • NI Signle-Board RIO with LabVIEW RT & FPGA

ABB: Monitoring of blade vibration and engine speed in ABB turbochargers

  • Trigger unit for fast signal conditioning
  • Triggerrate up to 150 kHz
  • Automatic adjustment of the threshold values
  • Universal for NI Platform

Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich: Early recognition of maintenance requirements for rail vehicles

  • IoT-application for sustainable maintenance
  • Wireles Technologies
  • Automatic reporting

SPECS Nanonis: Device development

For SPECS PI Electronics AG was allowed to develop various devices for he product line "Nanonis (Tramea/Mimea)". These devices are characterized by particularly low-noise and high-resolution signal processing

With the preamplifier developed by PI Electronics AG, the application range of the existing product line can be greatly expanded.

V-Zug AG: Laborautomation

  • Softwareverhaltenstest (Firmware) für V-Zug Geräte
  • Automatic recognition of the devices
  • Flexible analysis possibility

Huba Control AG: Integrated alignment process in production

  • Process Automation
  • High availability
  • Pressure measurement

ABB: Reliable online position measurement for turbocharger rotors with optical probe

  • Position measurement of turbocharger blades during operation
  • NI PXIe and FlexRIO with LabVIEW RT & FPGA
  • Visualization via web interface

Customer references

The following list is a short overview of customers we support with projects:

  • ABB Corporate Research Ltd, Daettwil
  • ABB Hochspannungstechnik AG, Zuerich
  • ABB Industrie AG, Baden
  • ABB Power Automation, Baden
  • ABB Semiconductors AG, Lenzburg
  • ABB Turbo Systems AG, Baden
  • ABB Ltd. Irland
  • ABB Ltd. USA
  • Adtranz AG, Oerlikon
  • Alstom Schweiz AG, Baden
  • Alstom Power Sweden, Finspong
  • Alstom Power Technology Ltd, Daettwil
  • AneCOM, Berlin
  • Antec AG, Wettingen
  • Ascom Autelca AG, Guemlingen
  • Baltec Maschinenbau AG, Pfaeffikon
  • Coop, Wallisellen
  • DaimlerChrysler AG, Sindelfingen
  • Dietrich & Blum AG, Zuerich
  • EFO Quarz, Gisikon
  • EPFL Lausanne
  • ETH Zuerich
  • Eugster Frismag AG, Romanshorn
  • Fachhochschule Rapperswil
  • F. Gehrig AG, Ballwil
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel
  • General Electric (Switzerland) GmbH, Baden
  • GF Wavin AG, Subigen
  • Gretag-Macbeth AG, Regensdorf
  • Gutor Electronics Ltd, Wettingen
  • Harbin Electric Company, Harbin China
  • HaslerRail AG, Bern
  • Helbling Technik AG, Zuerich
  • Holcim Group Support AG, Holderbank
  • Huba Control, Wuerenlos
  • Innoplana Umwelttechnik AG, Dübendorf
  • IPA AG, Naenikon
  • Johnson Control IFM AG, Basel
  • Kennametal HTM AG, Biel
  • KKW Goesgen-Daeniken AG, Daeniken
  • Limatec Automation, Grenchen
  • Logistikbetriebe AG, Baden
  • MAN Turbo AG, Oberhausen
  • Manometer AG, Hitzkirch
  • Montena emc SA, Rossens
  • Nanonis GmbH, Zuerich
  • Novartis Pharma AG, Basel
  • Novidem AG, Hallwil
  • Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen
  • Plaston AG, Widnau
  • Plusthermpoint GmbH, Wettingen
  • Qiagen Instruments AG
  • Hombrechtikon Q+S Control AG, Oetwil a/L
  • Robopower AG, Buchs
  • Rolls-Royce, Deutschland / England
  • Russenberger Prüfmaschinen AG, Neuhausen
  • Sauber Petronas Engineering, Hinwil
  • Semikron Elektronik GmbH, Nürnberg
  • Siemens Dematic AG, Zuerich
  • Sintec HTM AG, Biel
  • SPECS GmbH, Zuerich / Berlin
  • SPT Roth Ltd, Lyss
  • Stahel Steuerungstechnik AG, Wila
  • Step-Tec AG, Luterbach
  • SV Schweiz AG, Baden
  • ThermMix AG, Solothurn
  • Trafag AG, Maennedorf
  • Trumpf Maschinen AG, Baar
  • VAT Vakuumventile AG, Haag
  • Volpi AG, Schlieren
  • V-Zug AG, Zug
  • Wassmer & Zürcher Antennensysteme, Lupfig
  • Wilco AG, Wohlen