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About us

PI Electronics AG is a competent and strategic partner for developing niche solutions.

Standardized RIO products and software platforms from National Instruments supplemented by our own adaptive hardware enable short development times and maximum project benefit.

Mit agilen Projektabläufen und langjährigem Know-how als „NI-Allianz Partner seit 1995“ begleiten wir unsere Kunden vom Konzept bis hin zu Komplettlösungen.

Unsere langjährigen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter garantieren einen kontinuierlichen Support und ein hohes Mass an Wissen, welches sie in einem innovativen Arbeitsumfeld stetig erweitern.


PI Electronics AG was founded in 1995 as a spin-off of 4 employees of the electronics group of the ABB research center. During our time at Brown Boveri and ABB, we have supported researchers and scientists with electronics and software developments in various fields and have thus realized more than 400 different measuring instruments and process controls.

In 1995, PI Electronics AG was accepted into the Alliance Partner Program of National Instruments in its first year of existence. In this capacity, we have since then performed software development, system integration, and complete solutions for NI customers, primarily using LabVIEW as the programming language.

1970 – 1988

Electronics group of the BBC research centre in Dättwil (Dept. FOD, KLR)

1988 – 1995

Electronics Group of the ABB Research Center in Dättwil (Dept. CRB.E1)

Since 1995

PI Electronics AG: Founded on 1 May by 4 employees of CRB.E1