Versatile Trigger Unit

Trigger unit for analog signals

The Versatile Trigger Unit converts the output signals of sensors into a digital 5V and 12V signal. The integrated, automatic scaling speeds up the operation of the device and the integrated, digital signal processing makes even the processing of complex signals possible.

Typical application

The diagram below shows the Versatile Trigger Unit in operation on a rotating machine. The analog signal of an inductive sensor is digitized and processed so that it can be used as a clean trigger signal for a subsequent data acquisition.

We will gladly demonstrate the device here in Baden.

Unique properties

The Versatile Trigger Unit combines the advantages of analog and digital trigger technology.
Analog triggers have a high temporal resolution and are fast. However, signal processing and interference suppression can only be implemented to a very limited extent.
Digital triggers, on the other hand, offer extensive possibilities for signal processing and interference suppression. However, the temporal resolution is limited.
A unique design creates a trigger device that combines the time resolution of an analog trigger and the comprehensive signal processing of a digital trigger. This makes it possible to perform various measurement tasks with better quality.